If you're not a natural writer, publishing blogs and articles for your business can be daunting. How do you structure your ideas so they make sense? How do you express yourself eloquently and concisely? Isn't there a set of techniques that will help you to write engaging articles every time?

The purpose of this course is to give you tools and techniques to make you a natural writer for life. You'll no longer worry about publishing content for your business because you'll have confidence in what you've written. As with all our courses, you can start at any time and even take a week off if things get busy. You'll also get personalised, detailed feedback from a professional writing coach, so you really will learn a skill for life.


Here's what the 6-week course includes:

  • An introductory Zoom call to discuss your personal goals and meet your coach

  • A new writing topic each week

  • High-quality written teaching materials explaining the goals for the topic

  • 1 piece of homework each week based on your particular area of writing

  • Detailed written feedback on your homework and suggestions for where you can improve

COST: £795 including VAT

Week 1: Finding your voice

Week 2: Catching ideas

Week 3: Structuring an article

Week 4: The power of stories

Week 5: Bringing your writing alive

Week 6: Minimizing mistakes